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What People Say

Image by Ravi Roshan

Participation & Transition Worker
Young People's Service, Local Council

"Young People’s Service, a service offering support to young people looking for work and  training, works closely with Anna Marie finding the practical support she offers to young people invaluable in helping them overcome barriers, develop confidence and work towards achieving their goals.


I have been impressed by her professionalism, clear dedication, extensive knowledge and experience of mentoring young people, particularly those with disabilities. We hope to continue to work closely together offering the support young people need to achieve their full potential".

Calm Woman


"My 17 year old son has been suffering from anxiety since year 10 of high school. This impacted on his exam results and subsequently he has not felt able to return to education. Through the Young People’s Service he has been introduced to Anna Marie and has been meeting with her for mentoring sessions for around 8 weeks.


They have been working together to identify possible career options that may be of interest to him, helping him to build his CV and job-hunting techniques. Anna Marie has also taught him coping strategies for when he is feeling particularly anxious and worked on building his confidence using practical methods.

I do feel that he has made great progress from having the one-to-one sessions. It’s been a boost to his confidence levels without a doubt!"

Image by krakenimages

Young Person

"Anna Marie was good at giving advice and went to lengths to find information to further my progress in trying to find a job. She helped build my CV which was thorough and could help me out in the long run. In addition, she provided practical methods to help with my anxiety in certain situations and to help me build my confidence".


Recent Graduate

"Anna Marie’s support for me has been invaluable. As a recent graduate, I was uncertain about where to get my start in the workplace. Now I have the confidence to pursue my desired career and have the tools to do so. Anna Marie’s expert support and genuine belief in my potential has made all the difference for me!"

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